Bluegrass Enduro Tour 2015 - Glencoe

The Bluegrass Enduro Tour is at the raw edge of racing, no practice, no trails just mountains and small flags to follow. For 2015 the first round in Glencoe, riders had to contend with more snow than usual and unusually for Scotland blue skies.

The day started with the riders briefing giving out useful advice about the course such as "there are rocks, holes, tussocks, snow patches everywhere", "stage 1 has a climb", "stage 2 has more of the same, oh with a snow start", "stage 3 has a ditch of doom, get your front wheel in it and you will be over the bars". Armed with that useful information we headed up the two chairlifts and short hike to the start line.

Bike Cinema Club: What's Next?

Some bike films inspire you to go outside and get riding, others are more relaxing and display biking as an art form. What's Next by Aaron Larock makes me want to go outside with trail tools and build big epic bike trails.

Bike Cinema Club - Signatures

Some readers will remember the days where bike films had to have some form of plot (let's try and dig one up next week). Signatures starts that way with some chatter at the beginning trying to make a meaning for the random collection of bike footage. But actually Fullface Productions do a rather good job taking European riders and dropping them all over the world with their bikes and filming them.

Bike Cinema Club - Sprung 4

The first installment of Bike Cinema Club had to be a classic and we have a whopper for you today. I first purchased this film on VHS when it was released in the year 2000, this copy was lost during student house moves and quickly replaced by the DVD edition which itself was stolen during a house burglary. The film is so good I had to order a replacement copy from the USA, fortunately now it is available for all online.

Of course by now you must have realised that we will be watching Sprung 4. It is one of the classic Milan Spasic and Alex Rankin videos. This pair were some of the first to produce videos that moved away from the heavy metal and punk sound tracks. Their pan and zoom filming techniques are still referred to today as they truly set the bench mark for bike films. The content is a true mix with everything from dirt jumping, BMX and plenty of Downhill action from the UK and around the world (well mainly Europe).

Bike Cinema Club - First showing soon...

The web is inundated with short edits and highlights. These are fantastic in their own right, however on a dark evening or wet afternoon something with a little more substance is required. Watching old and new we will be reviewing and posting links to as many films as the interweb spider can spin.

So find somewhere to sit comfortably, turn up the volume and immerse yourself in Bike Cinema Club.