Bike Cinema Club - First showing soon...

The web is inundated with short edits and highlights. These are fantastic in their own right, however on a dark evening or wet afternoon something with a little more substance is required. Watching old and new we will be reviewing and posting links to as many films as the interweb spider can spin.

So find somewhere to sit comfortably, turn up the volume and immerse yourself in Bike Cinema Club.

Llandegla to the Worlds End

Llandegla is the home of BMX style trail center design. It may not have been the first to develop this style of trails but it one of the masters. The trails there evoke a Marmite response from people who either love them or hate them. Personally I cannot understand how you could dislike a trail with berms so deep and well shaped that only fear limits your speed.

This article is not about the trail center, as it only provides half of the route (and parking and cafe). This article is about the climb once you have reached the top of the trail center. This article is about the 10km of descending. This article takes you too worlds end...

Long time no see

In my last post I was eagerly awaiting the first round of Enduro1 in 2013. The race was a disaster, a broken bike caused a crash, broken helmet and concussion (still finished the race though). This plus house and job moves resulted in no writing for far too long.

The good news is that blog writing will resume in 2015 with some exciting plans and changes. There will be reports of various events, tech reviews of bikes and parts and the new workshop project... Finally there will be a new name (because has been registered since I started this blog). All will be revealed in the coming months.  

Happy riding everyone!