Lost in the dark

This week I managed to make the club evening Tuesday ride. the task tonight was to obviously have a good ride but also try out a few different settings on the forks.

FoD Mini DH Round 3

The third round of the 661 Mini Downhill series took place on the Sheepskull track at the Forest of Dean. Conditions were warm and dry, again some of the fastest running conditions before things dry out to dust.

After work Malvern

As I finish early on Fridays I thought I should make the most of the evening with a ride across Malvern. As I know the Malverns fairly well this offered a good chance to try out the Remedy in some familiar trails as well as getting in some good vertical.

Street Club 7

Another enduro street session this week, setting out a longer loop again using a large area of the carpark. This time it was nearly a minute a lap so 10 laps was nearly 10 minutes.

Another 6 sets in each direction was enough for the evening. Unless the weather gets worse again I can see this being the last street club for a while as off road is calling.

Evening across Cleeve

 I started the ride heading over to the usual Tuesday meeting point but there were only roadies there. Declining their generous offer for me to join them I decided to hit up some of the rocky descents on Cleeve.

Street Club 6

The weather is beginning to pick up again so less people are coming to the skills session. As I arrived early I decided to change the session slightly.

Bushy day 2 with photos

The word megalomania is derived from the Greek words "μεγαλο": megalo-, meaning large or great, and "μανία": mania, meaning madness, frenzy. It is also an excellent Black Sabbath song (see at the bottom) This is a suitable name for the new track at Bushcombe which is a speed frenzy and large open corners.

Bushy dig and ride

The weather forecast for today was freezing in the morning then warming up in the afternoon. To make the most of the frozen trails I headed up Bushcombe first thing to get some runs in before the thaw started.

New DH trail

I was a little late arriving to this weeks dig session. There had been talk of a new DH line that did not need building just sweeping. When I had arrived it was half complete!

Frost and snow XC in FoD

Today's ride was a race against the weather, with snowfall predicted in the afternoon we had to get to the FoD and smash out the laps before the weather beat us. Snow never comes without cold weather and it was freezing! This is my only excuse for the shocking clothing combination which I am sure looked better at the time.

The first lap with the cycling club took in most of the red then the full blue. A fairly quick lap for so many people and plenty of opportunity to show off the Remedy.

Street Club 5 - with video

Another week at the car park practising the same skills, this week I remembered my camera and memory stick so there is a short video of our session.

As well as what you see in the video we made a longer 'race course' which had tight turns, a hairpin and fast wide corners. It took real concentration to rice the circuit fast.