Saturday double distance

Feeling a little tired from the last 3 days riding I decided that it would be good to venture out on the club Saturday morning XC ride. The ride started with a climb up through Queens Wood, even if I had not been tired this was an impossible climb with all the mud. Definitely one to avoid in the winter, makes a fantastic downhill though.

Flat out at Cwmcarn

The day started out pretty badly when I realised I had no biking shoes in my bag. Luckily Rich D had a spare pair of Superstar CNC Nano Tech Flats which I could borrow for the day.

Lecky into Timbercombe

Quick afternoon ride taking in Leckhampton hill (up the back path to the top of the quarry, up Emma's climb, down to the quarry carpark, Proflex alley, goats steps, Mo's special cut across) then up pheasents across the paddy field and down to Timbercombe. I guess you have to be a local to understand that lot! I will look into adding GPS routes of my rides in the future.

Another nice wintery day though ended up getting quite wet while riding through town to the Fetish Bike Company. It turns out that my new Altura Attack 3/4 waterproof shorts are pretty good! After yesterdays FoD ride I was a little tired on the climbs but still had good control on the descents.

Bike: Iceni hardtail

FoD trail center

I wish that I could write well enough to do this ride justice. I went over to the Pedalabikeaway center in the Forest of Dean to ride the XC trails alone. The weather was a beautiful wintery afternoon and the trails although damp had alot of grip.

Leckhampton Rally Video

Just to get this blog off the ground here is a video of the Cheltenham and County Cycling Club's Leckhamton Rally full report over at  Quite pleased with my riding in the video, even the leg flail down dragons tail.