Daisybank dig weekender day 1

Every year it always becomes a race against time to prepare Daisybank dirt jumps for the summer. To early and you cannot move on the site without falling over and digging requires super human strength, to late and the site is dryer than a sandpit in summer. Conditions were a bit of touch and go with the current draught but once you dug into the spoil it turned to pure sculpting gold.

Double XC ride

Leaving work early tonight I thought a little ride was in order, not double laps of a typical Cotswold loop.

The ride started up Leckhampton with the Daisybank fields climb, then 10 runs or so of the dirt jumps climaxing in the first one hander on the Remedy.

Evening 2nd this week

Another evening ride, this time up Cleeve Hill. Across the goats track along the front then over to Bushcombe to ride the main line (to be named properally soon). Then ride the climb all the way out, back up to Cleeve, over to the aerials, Noverton lane and home. Ride done!

Bike: Trek Remedy

Red flasher on Timbercombe

Another club evening ride. This time we started in the light so headed up to the top of Leckhampton and had a short play on the jumps and tight single track. When dusk fell we carried down the Cotswolds way over to Severn Springs, up pheasants and then down Timbercombe.

Pinswell night ride

This is one of the longest night rides I have done in a while. Clocking in 36km and a long road return this was a classic Cotswold's ride with a few great technical sections. Returning via Leckhampton hill and riding down Goats steps was a nice treat for the end.

Llandegla loops

I have visited Coed Llandegla quite a few times now so this was another ideal opportunity to check the Remedy setup. First lap was a steady red, the bike was holding up well (considering that the rear tyre is held together by superglue). The second lap was a bit faster...

Street Club 8

The endurance street setup is holding strong. Another 3 sets of 10 laps tonight with some larger corners and longer straights. On the straights we added the requirement of a power wheelie.

Daisybank dig marathon

Normally for a jump site you need to dig through the winter. Daisybank is an odd site where it is just impossible to dig when it is wet as you cannot stand up! Current conditions are perfect for digging so I went up for the day.

Blue plus in the forest

Today was another ride in the forest, we arrived just after a rain shower but the trails were still mainly dry. The plan was for a gentle paced ride around the blue but I had other ideas...

Nearly 1km in Malvern

I had another opportunity to head over to Malvern after work again. This time I was more prepared with energy drink and a bar to prevent bonking.